Saturday, July 5, 2008

the 4th

we had such a great family day today, matt started the morn with a little 10 mile run, while madeline and i started the morn with some eggs and cartoons. when matt got home we headed to this new park in clinton twp., we met my parents and had lunch, maddy played for a little bit until she wanted to go in the water (that was our cue to leave)
naptime came and went and then off to the budz!
such a great fun night! flew kites courtesy of uncle mike (he is an expert, can't wait to get some kites in cali on the beach!), went on a boat ride (uncle gary let maddy drive the boat, she loved it, i think she is softening up to him now!), ate cake, watched some great fireworks, and aunt laurie and i creamed judy and my mom in pinochle (2 almost 3 railroads!!! she is my favorite partner!)
i love my family more than anything, we had such a great day
what more could a girl ask for
ps no pics of the fireworks, my camera never seemed to be around, but check jessie and hannah's page for some pics.


lori bunk said...

that pic of her looking over the water at the park is ADORABLE! you get the cutest pics of her... i'm jealous!

Rachel said...

She is so cute.!. i absolutely love her, and can't wait to go to Calii with all of you.!.


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