Friday, July 25, 2008

#1 reason

here is my #1 reason i love matt bunk so much! he will never ever ever forget anything for a vacation! the most thorough man i know, he breaks his packing list down into subcategories: toiletries, t-shirts, polos, sleepwear (no joke this is a category), other, etc...
i think the only thing missing from matt's list is his tuxedo! I am not going to go into his packing ritual either, that would be a whole other post in itself, but matt bunk i love you so much you little cute thing!

here is the difference between matt and i on paper, just in case you wanted to see what we were packing for a 10 day trip to sunny SoCal!

matt's list

nina's list


lori bunk said...

you guys are so funny... i really hope you have an incredible time in cali! you deserve it!

Matt Bunk said...

I actually think I'm terrible at packing. I'm so afraid I'll forget something. This list has become my way of working out what I have to pack over several days. And I'm sure I'm bringing way too many t-shirts.

jessie said...

Have a fun trip Nina!

I will see you at Jesse/Amber's wedding and lucky ME, I get to sit by YOU! We can 'girl talk' about our beautiful daughters!!!

Kyle said...

Matt couldnt possibly forget anything: he packs EVERYTHING he owns! Just like Chris. Justin on the other hand packs two t-shirts and a pair of jeans for a week long vacation. Oye!


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