Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The very best purchase ever made!!!

so my good friend yvette and i went to a preview of a sub sale tonight, we left her son cameron and madeline with her husband. so we are cruising thru this sub and didn't see too much, she scored a toy box and i got a pair of jeans (for maddy) when i come across a house in the back of this sub with a doll bassinet. i have been semi-looking for one for maddy b/c she is in love with her "bebe" right now, she puts it in its stroller, she rocks it and puts it to sleep on the couch, so i though if i find one i will pay like $20 for a nice clean one. well we come up to this house and they have one and it is nice, it looks almost brand new, so i am thinking $20!!!! $5, yes you heard me right, $5. i asked the lady "does this work, is anything broken on it" and she looked at me like "are you serious, why would i sell it if it is broken." so i snatched that puppy up sp fast.
so, to make along story short, i was taking it our of my trunk tonight while maddy was playing in the yard, and as soon as she saw it, she flipped out "bebe, bebe, bebe" i go "ok come on let sog in the house and play", she books it to the side door and before i can get the stupid thing in the door, she is waiting for me in the kitchen with her baby in hand. i wish i had my cmaera, it was priceless, yelling"yeah, whoa"!!! we played with it for 1/2 hour before i was ready for her to go to bed, this may very well be my proudest shopping moment yet!


Life with Linda said...

HOw cute is that? She must be a natural born mother....just like her own mommy

Karen said...

She is the cutest dolly ever!

Hannah said...

oh my gosh... i barely got to see her on saturday... what a cute thing she is.... wow....



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