Thursday, June 26, 2008

she's almost 2 part 1

ok so i am totally stealing the title and them of this post from heather but i don't have nearly the followers she has, and i think i only know 1 other person that checks her site that checks mine, so really it is an authentic post to all my normal viewers!

she pushed her step stool against the counter, and had a party with the cupcakes!


lori bunk said...

sorry i was a little out of it and crabby this afternoon- i really loved having you guys come to the park with us. we'll have to do it again when i am in a better mood.... so, next summer?

oh, and thanks again for telling liv i had a project for her... i will be paying you back for that one real good!

Roxanne Kristina said...

Hi Nina,

Found you via Whittaker Woman.

I love your blog. Sweet. If you have time and want to stop by my blog to see a neat story I just posted on our friends who adopted from China, you might like it. CNN did a feature on them. It's sweet:

Great blog!
Roxanne Kristina @

lori bunk said...

you talk SO much smack, nina bunk! you're just lucky i had lower back pain or i would have smoked your butt in sequence. it was beginners luck the first time anyways!


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