Sunday, June 8, 2008

i LOVE my fam!

we had deanna and nathans wedding last night!! it was amazing, the church was beautiful, and HOT!! we all had a natural glow about us as we walked out! the reception was amazing as well at the atheneum, it was beautiful. we had such a great time, we sat with jesse/amber, hannah/shay, bethany/mike, and angie!! i loved just being with my cousins and not being interrupted by a toddler!! we had such a great time, laughing, talking, and dancing, we closed that dance floor down!!! here just a few pics of the night! although, i totally didn't get any shots of beautiful deanna and nathan.
seriously, nana's face when she is dancing below, is priceless!!  she is def having a great time, and so was grandma katie dancing with mikey (stephanie carollo's bf from cali), he is going to fit right into this family! and yes, clisby put chocolate on his teeth! 
also, a little shout out to my newest reader, angela!! i'm so happy i know peeps read this other than me.


Life with Linda said...

I love your fam too! I wondered where you were all night...I guess I forgot to check the dance floor! Bob gave me the mandatory two fast, one slow...then he was done. lovely wedding, lovely people like you...and hey wasn' that bruchetta appetizer so delicious??

bigang4 said...

Thanks for the shout out nina =) Love ya!


Hannah said...

it was so much fun wasn't it! the girgenti's and carollo's really know how to have fun dancing... you took some really cool shots!

i love you nina... xo

see u saturday

Valerina said...


oh and thanks for all the new words!they will become part of my vocabulary now!lol

love you.


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