Saturday, June 14, 2008

fun in the sun

today was our annual carollo/girgenti picnic. it was probably the best one we have had in a couple of years! my mom/dad and uncle paul/aunt judy put it on all by themselves, with a little help from some of us kids!! they did an AMAZING job, from the blueberry pancakes for breakfast to the homemade hamburgers for dinner. it was a beautiful day, not to hot, but just hot enough that a nice sea-doo ride felt great, we played outside all day, had a great volleyball tourney, which matt and patti's team won, and got tons of sun! all in all it was just perfect, i don't have to many pics, i am waiting for my aunt karen and katie carollo to send me some!! so if you are reading this, send me some pics!!!
p.s. the watermelon was super yummers!!! whoever picked those out did a great job!!!

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