Tuesday, June 3, 2008

confessions of an ear infection

ok so the point is once again i will never creatively write what i am trying to say like my amazing sister or my "writer" hubby.  soooo....here are the facts
  1. maddy has had a nasty cough for 2 weeks now, and i just took her to the doctors yesterday, she has an ear infection and that is causing the nasty cough.
  2. it is 2 in the morning and she is coughing up a storm
  3. while i would normally be extremely crabby and exhausted, i woke up before she started calling my name from her crib
  4. we are now in the living room playing in the dark, pointing to daddy's computer saying "shhhh dada, shhhhhh dada, sssshhhhh dada" and "pablo, pablo, pablo"  
  5. she may very well be the cutest kid in the entire universe, laying on the couch with her hello kitty blanket on lap, pablo in one arm, and baba in the other. 
so, in conclusion as i wait here to see if she falls asleep as i put her in her crib, just a note to say, i hate when she is sick, but she sure is pretty funny, and i pray this nasty cough finally goes away!


lori bunk said...

poor maddy... i'll be praying for those little ears.

Life with Linda said...

oh the days of ear problems....Bob said he was going to buy "the pink stuff" by the gallon..it's what they used way back when...funny as it sounds...enjoy these days...they do not come around again...and someday she may "call you" and say, "Mom i'm, sick, pray for me"...and you will not be able to sit up with her...and your prayer life will grow strong and rich!


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