Tuesday, April 8, 2008

we got the whole wide world in or yard...

we took maddy and chis and lori brought isaac to go see the backyardigans live, for those of you who don't know who the backyardigans are - they are a cartoon for kids, 5 different animals that go on different adventures from their yard, super cute! so we went on a little adventure to the pits of flint (some arena out there).  the kids had a riot!!!  isaac loved it, screaming and cheering in his seat, maddy got a little bored after the first 15 minutes, but then she got back into it.  a fun night was had by all, and we wore the kids out as you can probably tell by the photo!


lori bunk said...

Isaac is still freaking out when that show comes on. Thanx for letting us come with you guys!

chipman said...

I love the blog you are doing a great job. WoW that Maddy is a cute Pie. Love you lots



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