Saturday, April 26, 2008

standing ovation!

i never intended for this blog to be a means for me to dote on my husband, it was simply supposed to be this cute little webpage with lots of pics of our daughter and that was it, and then something happened today.  without going into to much detail, i had a bad day, i kind of felt like today would be a great day to lock my bedroom door and leave everything behind just for today. however there are 2 people in my life that make everything all better...
  1. my adorable little squishface that wakes up from her nap and immediately stands up and points to her hello kitty night light and say "titi"
  2. my most amazing husband in the entire world; who coincidentally did something pretty remarkable today!  
he has been running for a couple of weeks now and has been training for a 10k (turkey trot) he thought by november he should be able to do it, well low and behold when matt ran up our drive and knocked on the door for me to bring out the camera, something must have happened.  he told me he ran 6.3 miles, the longest he has ever run, i couldn't be more proud of him, i know it is something he has been really wanting to do.  he was so proud standing in the driveway posing for me, like a little school boy again.  
i don't think i tell him enough how absolutely amazing he is, or that whether i am jumping up and down with excitement or not, i couldn't be more happy to be able to share my life with my bestest best friend ever!  i love you mattbunk!


Patti Carollo said...

i love that you love...your matt, maddy, and life nina! Your the best cheerleader in this world!! GOD will truly bless you more than HE already has!! you are special to me and EVERYONE that knows you~ XXX~ mwah!

p.s. love your new page too~ so cute i must have the chef chick and cupcake...NOW!!

Hannah said...

oh my goodness nina.. you are so amazing... you are such a great wife and mommy! i really am proud of you and i really love watching your sweet lil lives over there on utah drive... you are definitely an inspiration... u are too cute love you ever so much... han


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