Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Phil Wickham - Hallelujah

so a little backstory for you...
matt got this cd months and months ago, and we kind of over listened it. so every time he turned it on i begged him to turn it off, or i made fun that this guy was his new boyfriend. well, i came around just recently, i have been completely strung out on phil wickham!! maybe it was his new cd that came out recently, idk?!
he is absolutely amazing, and i am sure that matt is laughing on the inside at me, b/c he used to drive me nuts! matt did one of his songs for our easter service and it was absoultey amazing, i mean absouletly amazing!!
so when matt showed me this video i was amazed...
1. i love this song as well
2. i love hearing diffrent people cover this song
3. i love phil wickham
let me know what you think


Patti Carollo said...

WOW! i loved it!!!

Patricia said...

How Beautiful!!!!!Now I know what Matthew can do....He can do this on u tube for me of How great is our God...Do you think??????It would Be equally as Beautiful as Phil Wickman


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