Friday, April 25, 2008

juicy girls!

this morning madeline and i met aunt patti (madeline's fairy godmother) at somerset for the new juicy couture store opening. we had soo much fun!! walking and talking, patti and i are like sisters from different mothers, we finish each other's sentence and always want to make sure each is updated on the newest cute things!! so after walking around we grabbed lunch then went our separate ways. maddy and i always have so much fun with aunt patti, she is definately one of our bestests!! and seriously how cute is that pic of my 2 little juicy girls!
p.s. in case u wondering madeline loves to say cheese to go along with her cheesy smile!


Patti Carollo said...

Oh my gosh! look at her... Madeline is way tooo CUTE!! I love being with you girls we have such fun together!!

Rachel said...

ha. i love her so much. she is so cute.!. i have to babysit her soooon so that i can spend some time with her... let me know when you need me to come over, visit madeline, and clear out all the junk food in your house... love you.!.

Patricia said...

Yeah... I know what you mean about our Patti...I guess it's time I told you...She's really our Daughter,,, Papa adopted her when he saw what a super dooper ball player she was.. He said "any girl that plays like her has got to be in my family!! So thats the story of why she loves us so much....It's in da blood....Nana dear


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