Saturday, April 12, 2008

Deanna's Shower

today was deanna and nathan's wedding shower!  such a beautiful day-the couple looked great as well.  such a fun afternoon, lots of catching up too with all the carollo girls including my bestest jessica, also won both the table centerpiece and a beautiful gift basket, yeah!

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Jessica said...

Nina!!! Just looked on your blog again for the first time in a while and here we are!! Madeline is the cutest little one I have ever seen...she looks so mischievous all the time I can't wait to see her again!! I got your sweet note in the mail today when I got home from work, thank you so much for the adorable pics of Maddy...she is too cute I can't even handle it!! Oh and sorry about last weekend, I emailed you but it wouldn't have worked anyway because we had to celebrate my dad's b-day on Friday, see my grandma and grandpa on Saturday and go to the was a crazy weekend. BUT, the good news is that Uncle Frisby and Aunt Jessie ARE FOR SURE BABYSITTING MADELINE AND ISAAC over Memorial Day weekend! Please plan on that one, they can spend the day with us while you four shop till you drop!! Love and miss you tons and tons. Kisses Maddy....Jessie

P.S. Why is it that you ALWAYS win everything. 2 centerpieces and a gift had to have cheated as usual, no one is that lucky :) hehehe


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