Sunday, April 20, 2008

another great aunt!

my aunt karen is unbelievable!!  she watched madeline one morning while i had to work.  on top of babysitting my crazy little girl, they went for a walk, played basketball, soccer, and she took some super (i mean super) cute pics of her.  she never ceases to amaze me!!  thank you so much aunt karen, i absolutely love them, and these are only a couple of the pics!!!
ps let me know what you think!!


Patti Carollo said...

omgosh! what a DOLL!!

lori bunk said...

SO adorable! i love her face with the jean jacket...classic!

Hannah said...

me and christa were online looking up stuff... and we just about died when we saw how cute cute cute that lil squish face is!!!! want to squeeze and kiss her cheeks off!! i sent gabe a pic and he called me telling me how cute she is.... we love and miss you!!!

Patricia said...

This needs to be BLOWN up and put on a prominent wall.She looks so say the least... Nana Dear

jessie said...

Yes, those pictures are great! Karen took Kaylee's pictures too & I couldn't be more pleased. She is talented... glad she gets to use our little girls as models! = )


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