Friday, March 7, 2008

semi-homemade with nina bunk

my favoritist little boy in the whole wide world's birthday is this week!! so the big swoiree is Saturday night. Madeline and i have been baking all day long!!! from cakes to train cookies to dessert sushi...yes u heard me, dessert sushi, most of you may have never heard of it, but it is a rare delicacy. i would give out the recipe, but then i would be of no use to any of my friends or family, b/c u could make specialties.
so back to the semi-homemade - one late night several months ago i was watching that semi-homemade with Sandra lee when she made this really cute cake it was basically a round cake with sprinkles on the side, and i LOVED it, but i knew it would be a total headache to make, sprinkles everywhere, my toddler grasping at my leg, etc..anyway i ventured out of my comfort zone and did it, and i have to say i did a pretty darn good job!!!!
let me know what you think!


lori bunk said...

i wuv it. tank you

Karen said...

It's amazing! I love it!


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