Monday, February 4, 2008

saggy diaper super bowl

so i think this may have been my favoritest super bowl so far.  we went to my inlaws, my father inlaw just got a new 61 inch hd.  we had a blast, mr. mark bunk has turned into quite the martha stewart, he had all sorts of snackies for us.  maddy and isaac ran around all night, and not only did tom petty do an awesome job during halftime (can't wait to see him in may)  we got our own private show from the saggy diaper brigade (maddy and isaac)  it was the best. thanks dad, i love u!!!

1 comment:

auntie do said...

v day--yeah like all those shiny red hearts that have been setting the alarm off @ beTrue?!? LOL
gee officer, idk why the motion detectors keep going off AT 3am!!!!! DUH!!!!

flowers, candy, red & pink hearts & the perfect bottle of is in the air and here's what i say:

forget love--i'd rather fall in chocolate!!!!


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