Saturday, January 26, 2008


well valentines day is a couple of weeks away, and while mr. bunk and i don't celebrate the holiday i think it is one of my favorites!!!  and i don't even get gifts on it, so go figure!  the reason being.... who doesn't love valentines decorations, all the hearts and pink and red, it just makes a person feel sooo loved.  i had the opportunity to go to target sans madeline, and i enjoyed myself just perusing the aisles of valentines day stuff, thinking to myself how cute my house would be with new valentines coffee mugs, and candles and flowers.  thank u target for a moment of peace and love in my semi-chaotic life.  


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your husband sounds like a jerk. What kind of person doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day? I can see why nobody likes him.

han said...

hi lil cuter.... i love all the valentines day stuff too! i have so much fun looking at all the fun stuff in every store! i especially love the pink yorkie peppermint patties!!! they are my favorite chocolate and for v-day they make the inside pink and into the shape of a heart... xoxo love you so much! me

Auntie Jessie said...

Nina, Just getting a chance to finally read your blog!! I love it, it looks like so much fun and your stories are amazing, and the pics and so beautiful. I miss Madeline so much....give her kisses from her Auntie Jessie and Uncle Frisby!


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