Sunday, January 6, 2008

the road

the roadso i just finished a book i thought i would never read, "the road" by cormac mccarthy, it isn't my type of book, but once i started reading it i couldn't put it down. it was good, maybe i didn't get it. its about a father and son traveling across the country post-apocalypse. i guess i just didn't have closure on the book: it never said how the apocalypse happened, or maybe it did i just didn't get it. and the end was strange, but maybe i just didn't get that either. the one thing i did get, which isn't like a new revelation, was the love this father had for his son. you truly don't understand love for a child until you have one! this father did everything in his power to protect his son and i guess it is so hard to put it into words the unfathomable love a parent has for a child. like i said this isn't a new revelation, it is just something that opened my eyes a little more, now i understand how much my parents love me and want to protect me. i'm their madeline. my dad is my nana's madeline. thanks mom and dad!


chipman said...

The love a parent has for a child can only be explained by God. He loved us so much he gave his son. Nina I love you and know that you are a wonderful women and mother. But no one can ever love you like I do cause you are the world to me. I love you very much and am soooooo proud of you.

Love Dad

Patricia said...

Nina Dear...What beautiful thoughts... You have a great way with words... Madeline has inspired all of my "Madelines" have.... each and every one of them... and just you wait till you get Grandchildren!!!!! I just know you'll start a "Love-club"..after all you we're the Pres. And you inspired me... Loving you was always easy...Nana


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