Monday, January 7, 2008

the basics!

madeline has learned the basics to survive!!
we couldn't be more proud of her, well at least i couldn't!!
1.  carry a proper handbag
2. talk on a celly
3. empty the dishwasher


Han said...

oh my goodness gracious she is such a lil cuter! me and gabe are just looking at your new blog... i love it...miss u! see u saturday night for the game party! xo

Patti Carollo said...

Madeline is~Oh~so cute love your new blog Nina! and she definitely is on her way to a true blue shopping "DIVA" a girl after my own heart!

friends 4~eva
<3 and miss you

zene said...

Carry a proper handbag.....thats my girl!!! I love her soooo much.And her dance moves are way too cute...I like to move it move it. Madeline, you make Nana's heart melt, I love you little peanut. Love GOOD Granny ( not bad granny )


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